Department of Education

The mission of the Coushatta Department of Education is to address the educational needs of the Coushatta Tribal Members from pre-school throughout higher education. This is accomplished through the following programs:

  • Tribal Preschool – A pre-kindergarten program for Coushatta children that helps them develop to their full potential and prepare them for public and/or private school.
  • K-12 Student Program – Addresses the needs of the Coushatta students in grades K-12 by providing support with school supplies and involvement in the public school programs.
  • Private School Program – Provides financial assistance to those students whose parents wish to educate them through private schools.
  • After-School Tutoring Program – Encourages students by providing this opportunity to improve learning skills and complete their education.
  •  Higher Education Program – Provides financial assistance to Coushatta students attending a college or university.
  •  Adult Vocational Training Program – Provides financial assistance to Coushatta students who choose to pursue vocational training.
  •  Continuing Education – Provides workshops for Tribal members on various subjects so that they may continue to develop their interests and true potential.